Balaji Thimmegowda

I met Hiren at TESCO, where we were working on a significant Project. Hiren was the Agile Coach who actually helped TESCO master their Agile skill sets. I’ve worked with Hiren for close to two years now. I will try to bring out the vast changes (definitely for the better!) that Hiren has brought about at TESCO, specifically in the project that we are working on. As a Scrum Coach, Hiren helped us to understand what Agile was all about and how it will help us to delivery not only better quality software but also at a very fast pace. The best part about Hiren’s way of coaching is the numerous hands on sessions that he organizes. He always comes up with new, interesting and exciting games when he coaches the new joiners in the team. Hiren also has vast knowledge of other Software Development Processes like Waterfall, Kanban, etc. Hiren’s energy and focus, and deep understanding of Agile, would be a boon to any company that’s wants to improve not just their software development practices, but their entire organization.

Balaji Thimmegowda Senior Tech Architect, Tesco 19 May 2017