Scrum Chapter Mumbai : “The Myths, Mysteries and Misconceptions of DevOps”

Goal: To answer the question:

Is it Code and Infrastructure vs Agile or they go hand-in-hand. With constant deliveries and sync up between DevOps and Agile it is uber important to learn and dismiss any myths around these two.

How can Agile help DevOps bring the right teams together? Do they both follow a shift left strategy or shift right?

These and many more interesting questions that have nudged you to raise a question.

In this session we will collectively explore the Myths, Mysteries and Misconceptions of DevOps. Come with an open and curious mind and let’s learn DevOps together.

Debunked the following Myths, Mysteries and Misconceptions of DevOps

  1. DevOps can be bought from the market
  2. DevOps can be enabled without Automation
  3. DevOps has nothing to do with cultural change
  4. DevOps destroys control and compliance
  5. DevOps does not need solid monitoring and measurements
  6. DevOps is all about trusting Developers with root password
  7. DevOps process changes from project to project within the organization
  8. DevOps is just a PR for what we have done in the past – a new wine in old bottle
  9. DevOps is nothing but just putting some automated tools together
  10. DevOps implementation does not require fast recovery from failures
  11. DevOps does not require shared responsibility and accountability between Business, Development and Operations.
  12. DevOps is a separate specialized team with certificates
  13. ..