• What is PSPO?

    The Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) course is an intensive two-day training program on how to capitalize on software products and systems. The course is aimed to help participants minimize the total cost of ownership of their products and systems that would greatly benefit the organization.

    Participants learn and crystallize this understanding through instruction and team-based exercises. The depth of the Product Owner’s accountability in delivering a successful project becomes clear from an Agile viewpoint on product management.

    Our course is run according to the internationally approved training concept of scrum.org. This course is conducted by our certified Professional Scrum Trainers. You will get in-depth coaching to clear both PSPO I and PSPO II certifications. PSPO I reflects an intermediate understanding of Scrum fundamentals while PSPO II reflects an advanced understanding of Scrum.

  • The PSPO course covers the following

    Day 1

    On day one, the training focuses on the fundamentals that are essential for understanding and satisfying the role of the Product Owner in the context of product management and Scrum. The course not only provides greater understanding of the role itself, but also gives you a clearer idea of the principles of agile project management by the Product Owner.

    You will learn:

    1. Values of agile development
    2. Responsibilities of Product Owner
    3. Appropriate meetings with the Product Owner
    4. Compulsions of the Product Owner
    5. Leadership qualities of the Product Owner
    6. Understanding of business values incl. KPIs
    7. Measuring business value

    Day 2

    Day two stresses on a practical approach to teaching the methodological skills the Product Owner needs for successfully handling a Scrum project.

    You will understand more effectively:

    1. Product build up
    2. Relevance of user stories
    3. Setting and achieving strategic product goals
    4. Release strategies and planning with Scrum
    5. Estimating and prioritizing requirements
    6. Forecasting capability with Scrum
    7. Product development involving multiple teams
    8. Total cost of ownership
  • What you will learn

    1. Total cost of Ownership
    2. Maximizing the value of software products and systems
    3. Understanding principles of agile project management
    4. Lowering the total cost of ownership
    5. Effective team performance through role accountabilities
  • Certification

    The PSPO online exam is a rigorous exam and requires a minimum passing score in order to achieve the certification. There are two options for Professional Scrum Product Owner assessment: PSPO I and PSPO II. PSPO I must be passed before attempting the much more difficult PSPO II.


    PSPO I

    • Fee: $200 (Included in the course fees)
    • Passing score: 85%
    • Time limit: 60 minutes
    • Number of Questions: 80
    • Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and True/False

    PSPO II (Candidates must have passed PSPO I to attempt PSPO II)

    • Fees: $500
    • Passing score: 85%
    • Time limit: 120 minutes
    • Format: Multiple Choice, Essay
  • Who should attend?

    The course is aimed at Product Owners, Stakeholders, Business Analysts and all others accountable for maximizing the value delivered by software products and services. We also suggest this training to experienced product managers and product owners wanting to enhance their business success with agile practices.

  • Class Prerequisites

    1. Read the Scrum Guide (required)
    2. Take the Scrum Open assessment test (required).
    3. Take the Product Owner Open assessment test (required).
    4. Come prepared / email me 3 objectives you want to get out of the workshop (required)
    5. An open and curious mind (absolutely required).
  • What can I expect?

    1. PSPO I assessment code for the PSPO I certification.
    2. Hard copy of the course material
    3. A copy of my best selling Scrum book – “Scrum Insights For Practitioners: The Scrum Guide Companion
    4. Post training help

Training Schedule

DayTime WorkshopsTrainerLocationRegister
April 47pm-9pmRockstar Product OwnerPractice Agile SolutionsMumbai, IndiaRegister
9am-5pmAdvanced Professional Scrum Master (PSM II) workshopPunit DoshiMumbai, IndiaRegister
9am-5pmProfessional Scrum Master (PSM) workshopPunit DoshiMumbai, IndiaRegister
9am-5pmProfessional Scrum Master (PSM) workshopPunit DoshiPune, IndiaRegister

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