Practice Agile

Practice Agile, an Agile Training and Coaching Consultancy,  was founded in 2010 by Hiren Doshi with a mission to help organizations embrace agility. PracticeAgile enables organizations by providing premium certified training workshops from and SAFe. In addition to providing premium trainings, we also provide hands-on coaching and consulting services to organizations of various scale, complexities, and challenges.

Agile Consulting and Coaching

We offer our Consulting and Coaching services to organizations that either have existing Agile/Scrum processes or are looking to venture into the arena of Agile to help solidify their growth and product deliveries.

Having worked on a whole gamut of technologies, verticals and methodologies, we have pure experience and insights to offer. PracticeAgile has helped hundreds of teams over the last decade, we strongly believe that execution strategy varies as per the need and the DNA of the organization, the program and the team. Since every project has a different context with varying skill sets of the team members, we craft and define context specific goals. We work with all levels of the organization to:

  1. Understand organization’s challenges and constraints.
  2. Set Agility goals and a working model.
  3. Measurements and governance model.

Our esteemed clientele includes an interesting mix of enterprise, middle-tier organizations and fast-growing startups. Our clients have gained from our rich experience and delivered turn-key solutions, huge products and customer-oriented services with help of continuously evolving Agile models.

An impressive portfolio of clients we have collaborated with and continue to address new challenges are:

  • e-Commerce: Tesco, Sabre, BookMyShow, Dream11, Germin8
  • BFSI: BoA, ANZ, Morgan Stanley, JPMC
  • Large Enterprises: Tesco, RSA, Oracle, Continuum,

And many more. More information on the clients page.

Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

“I hired Hiren as a coach to train my software development team on Agile/SCRUM twice and he thrilled me on both the occassions.  Hiren is a dynamic, high energy professional, very confident and is a hands-on trainer & coach. From Hiren’s training style, one can easily make out that he has personally seen through transformation of his own teams from traditional models to the Agile fold.”

Harihara Kuppuswamy, Engineering Manager, Bentley Systems

“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Hiren. I had the pleasure of working with Hiren for over six months, in the Agile transformation journey of germin8. I was particularly impressed by Hiren’s ability to handle even the toughest situations- and effortlessly. He has flair to deal with people and situations. He brought the collaboration among different cross-functional teams. As an Agile Coach and Trainer, Hiren earns my highest recommendation.”, 

Saurabh Mahadik, Senior Product Manager, Germin8 Solutions

Hiren has a thorough understanding of Agile principles and practices and has proved a passionate trainer and coach. He is dedicated and professional, leading to strong long lasting engagements with customers who see the benefits he brings to their team and leadership.”

Colin Bird, Director, Ripplerock


PracticeAgile has several tracks and certifications that it conducts to empower future Scrum practitioners, Agile enthusiasts and leaders from the industry. Teaching many organizations with coaching plans tailored for effectiveness and contextual-training. Specific customized trainings include trainings on servant leadership and self-organization, Agile introduction, DevOps, Agile Automation, negotiation skills, and conflict management.

Practice Agile is an official partner of and offers the premium certification workshops

PracticeAgile also offers certified Scaled Agile, SAFe workshops

Thank you for the most interesting five days in our work life. It was such an informative and creative training session. Apart from the usual training sessions, you made us learn and get in to scrum without we even realizing it. You helped us put on our thinking hats and come up with a lot of ideas. As well as made us realize our pain points and our areas of improvement individually and as a team. Am sure it made all of us here realize the true value of working as a team.”

Aneesa Nazir, Software Engineer, PearlDataDirect, Abu Dhabi