Scrum Chapter Mumbai : “Shifting from ScrumBut to ScrumAnd”

Goal to answer the question:

Making a Shift from ScrumBut to ScrumAnd

Lot of teams have a knack of adopting Scrum and altering the framework to fit into their existing model. This results into claims like below –

“We use Scrum, but since Daily Scrum is too much overhead, we only have once every X days)”

“We use Scrum, but we consider Sprint Retrospectives a waste of time and skip them”

“We use Scrum, but we build potentially releasable product increment every X Sprints”

These are what we call ScrumButs ( and such half-hearted attempts in implementation of Scrum at best result in sub-optimal returns (most likely no returns). In our next Scrum Chapter Mumbai in March 2018, we will explore the repercussions of ScrumButs and explore options to make Scrum implementations stronger by crossing over to ScrumAnd ( making stronger implementation of Scrum where teams can say–

“We use Scrum And engineering practices like Continuous Delivery to have robust framework for delivering value”

“We use Scrum And our Scrum Team works as collaborative unit”