• What is PSM?

    Professional Scrum MasterTM(PSM) provides learners the requisite tools and understanding to competently use Scrum in everyday teamwork. The training covers a broad understanding of basics of Scrum, and elucidates its practical approach besides Scrum framework and mechanics. The learning encompasses team dynamics, team motivation, conflict resolution and improved planning and estimation among other aspects.

    The two-day course dwells on advanced topics that include use of Scrum at an enterprise level, designing retrospectives, tools and techniques and the mechanics behind a Scrum implementation. The training constitutes several practical exercises and case scenarios – all aimed to improve the participants’ learning.The Professional Scrum MasterTM (PSM) assessments serve to create a deep understanding of core practices and values of Scrum, and demonstrate that certified holders have the ability to effectively respond to complex situations that challenge them.

  • The PSM course covers the following

    1. Scrum theory and principles
    2. The Scrum Framework
    3. The Definition of Done
    4. Running a Scrum project
    5. Working with people and teams
    6. Scrum in your organization
    7. The role of the Scrum Master
  • What you will learn

    1. Motivate and lead a team of Scrum specialists who bring the advantages of Scrum to projects
    2. Get a deep knowledge of the fundamental aspects, roles and attributes of Scrum
    3. Understand the empirical foundation of Scrum
    4. Act as Scrum Master by understanding servant-leadership
    5. Learn to resolve conflicts and tackle challenges
    6. Get hands-on experience by applying Scrum methodology to real projects
    7. Ensure personal and organizational growth with professional  training
    8. Learn to address the changes Scrum requires in the organizational setup
    9. Increase Scrum efficacy
  • Certification

    All participants completing the Professional Scrum Master course will receive a password to attempt the PSM I assessment. If you attempt the PSM I assessment within 14 days and do not score at least 85%, you will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost.  You are also entitled to a discount on the PSM II assessment.


    PSM I:

    • Fee: $150 (Included in the course fee)
    • Passing score: 85%
    • Time limit: 60 minutes
    • Number of Questions: 80
    • Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and True/False

    PSM II

    • Fee: $250 ($100 Discount with PSM workshop)
    • Passing score: 85%
    • Time limit: 90 minutes
    • Number of Questions: 30
    • Format:  Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and True/False


    • Fee: $500
    • Passing score: 85%
    • Time limit: 120 minutes
    • Format: Combination of 34 Multiple Choice and essay
  • Who should attend?

    The course is relevant for advanced understanding of Scrum use and its practices. It is ideal for all experienced Scrum users to gain deeper understanding of the principles of Scrum or enhance their standards to being excellent Scrum Masters. This course is particularly beneficial for all those responsible for getting the most out of Scrum, such as Scrum Masters, managers, leadership, Product Owners, and Scrum Team members.

  • Class Prerequisites

    1. Read the Scrum Guide (required)
    2. Take the Scrum Open assessment test (required).
    3. Take the Product Owner Open assessment test (required).
    4. Come prepared / email me 3 objectives you want to get out of the workshop (required)
    5. An open and curious mind (absolutely required).
  • What can I expect?

    1. Professional Scrum Master I assessment code for PSM I certification.
    2. Hard copy of the course material
    3. A copy of my best selling Scrum book – “Scrum Insights For Practitioners: The Scrum Guide Companion
    4. Post training help

Training Schedule

DayTime WorkshopsTrainerLocationRegister
April 47pm-9pmRockstar Product OwnerPractice Agile SolutionsMumbai, IndiaRegister
9am-5pmAdvanced Professional Scrum Master (PSM II) workshopPunit DoshiMumbai, IndiaRegister
9am-5pmProfessional Scrum Master (PSM) workshopPunit DoshiMumbai, IndiaRegister
9am-5pmProfessional Scrum Master (PSM) workshopPunit DoshiPune, IndiaRegister

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