Scrum Chapter Mumbai : “Agile Metrics for Organizational Agility”

Goal: To answer the question:

“Measuring Agile Metrics for Organizational Agility: Bridging the gap between Delivery organization and the Business”

Are you a fan of numbers, decisions and fact-based development? Scrum
Chapter Mumbai brings a meetup that would be a brisk walk in the park of Agile metrics!
Organizations need to deliver projects, take decisions and grow continuously to counter competition and stay on top of the charts. As Agile/Scrum enablers, its our prerogative to help deliver organiozations meet business goals. But, how do we do that?
1. How do you bring better data to the table?
2. What Agile Metrics can help the bridge between Delivery and Organizations?
3. How to record data and take actions on them?
And much much more….

Operational vs Business Metrics

As a team we explored the Agile Metrics listed below. The discussion was around were they operational metric or business metric. Does it help or impedes Agility.

  1. Net Promoter Score
  2. Release Burndown
  3. Control Chart – to measure the cycle time
  4. Cycle time
  5. Releases vs Deployment to production
  6. Burn-up charts
  7. Work In Progress
  8. Time to Market metrics
  9. Productivity Metrics
  10. Quality Metrics
  11. Return on Investment (ROI) Metrics
  12. Installed Version Index
  13. Number of releases per year
  14. Capacity of the the team in Sprint
  15. Estimations in Story Points
  16. Employee Satisfaction
  17. Feature Usage Index
  18. Lines of Code
  19. Cumulative Flow Diagram
  20. Innovation Rate Metrics from
  21. Recovery / Rollback over time
  22. Velocity
  23. Employee Engagement
  24. On-product Index
  25. Customer Satisfaction
  26. Defect Data
  27. Unit Test Coverage %
  28. % of Tests Automated
  29. Post Production Defects
  30. Kanban Board Flow Metrics
  31. Non Functional Requirements test cases
  32. Number of stories planned vs accepted
  33. Mean time to recovery
  34. ..