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Swami Nathan, VP of Engineering at Continuum Managed Services is sharing his feedback on the Scrum Training I facilitated for him and his team.

Dear Hiren,

I would like to thank you for an excellent workshop on Agile Project Management.  The feedback from the participants is also excellent. I think you have been able to open-up their minds on how this can be done with simple steps, templates etc.

I also strongly feel this is something that we need to follow-up with regular sessions, assessments with each of the team members/functions. We will come back to you with a structured plan for the same & the likely support we will require from you.

I look forward to being in touch and working with you more closely in adopting this philosophy in our company & reaping the benefits of the same – by way of efficiency, profits and ROI.

Thanks again,


S Swaminathan

CEO, Hansa Cequity

I would like to enthusiastically endorse Hiren Doshi.  Hiren and I have worked together on curriculum development, co-training, and coaching enterprise Scrum adoption. On our client engagements together, I was impressed by his hunger to implement immediate improvement. In particular, I’m very proud of his success in reducing a billion-dollar dotcom’s post-sprint hardening cycles from 3 weeks to 1 week. I also enjoyed watching him in action as a truth-teller, who would pull no punches with executives. Furthermore, unlike most Scrum advocates, he is able to articulate the supportive role that functional managers can play in a Scrum environment. He also has a broad training toolkit. We worked together to design the first ever PMI Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP) curriculum offered in India, which covered nearly 100 learning objectives beyond Scrum. In each of our co-trainings, he had the presence and confidence one wants in spokesperson. He has both the charisma to get a room’s attention, as well as the substance to keep it. I’m a fan of Hiren. I’ve seen him in action on stage, in the classroom. He is a great ambassador of Scrum, and would be an asset.

Jesse Fewell

Certified Scrum Trainer, Scrum Alliance

Thank you for the most interesting five days in our work life. It was such an informative and creative training session. Apart from the usual training sessions, you made us learn and get in to scrum without we even realizing it. You helped us put on our thinking hats and come up with a lot of ideas. As well as made us realize our pain points and our areas of improvement individually and as a team. Am sure it made all of us here realize the true value of working as a team.

Aneesa Nizar

Software Engineer, PearlDataDirect, Abu Dhabi

I met Hiren at TESCO, where we were working on a significant Project. Hiren was the Agile Coach who actually helped TESCO master their Agile skill sets. I’ve worked with Hiren for close to two years now. I will try to bring out the vast changes (definitely for the better!) that Hiren has brought about at TESCO, specifically in the project that we are working on. The team members on this project at TESCO were either very new to Agile or had zero idea about Agile. As a Scrum Coach, Hiren helped us to understand what Agile was all about and how it will help us to delivery not only better quality software but also at a very fast pace. I can confidently say that all the Scrum teams are almost self-sufficient now and go about their tasks without needing a lot of attention from Scrum Masters or the coach. The best part about Hiren’s way of coaching is the numerous hands on sessions that he organizes. He always comes up with new, interesting and exciting games when he coaches the new joiners in the team. In spite of the teams being self-sufficient now, Hiren still makes it a point to attend most of the scrum ceremonies of every Team and help them to better their ways of working. Hiren also has vast knowledge of other Software Development Processes like Waterfall, Kanban, etc. Hiren’s energy and focus, and deep understanding of Agile, would be a boon to any company that’s wants to improve not just their software development practices, but their entire organization.

Balaji Thimmegowda

Senior Tech Architect, Tesco

Hiren was an agile coach for our company for a few months. This was the first time we were trying out agile and many thanks to Hiren to help us adopt it smoothly. Moving a 30 people strong engineering team accustomed to a ‘waterfall-like’ model for 5+ years was not easy. We are yet to master the practice of agile philosophy, but I feel it is a good start in the right direction.

Hiren has a great knack of catching the pain points in the current scheme of things in the company. Many a times the key was to identify, when were we diving into too much unnecessary details and when were we taking things superficially at their face value, and I feel he excels at that.

He is very well aware of the importance of various aspects in a software’s development life-cycle, like, test automation, technical debt, continuous delivery, etc. At the same time he understands the business related concerns of timely deliveries, usability, MVP, etc. He was nicely and dispassionately able to strike a balance between the two, that is otherwise a heart-burn to negotiate.

I enjoyed and learned a lot while working with him as our agile coach.

Samarth Seksaria

Solution Architect, Germin8 Solutions

Hiren was engaged to assist the RSA/Aveksa team in it’s adoption of Agile. He provided expert training and coaching, energizing the teams as they ventured into new territory. His enthusiasm, coupled with out-of-the-box thinking, helped launch these teams and made them realize immediate successes. I highly recommend Hiren as an Agile coach and trainer.

Robert Frohman

Client Principal, Emergn

Hiren is being retained as a Agile consultant/coach for more than 2 and half years for the IT services unit of Tesco, one of the world’s largest grocery retailer. His leadership, coaching and training skills has brought about agile transformation and adoption of agile practices (SCRUM, XP, LEAN, KANBAN) in large distributed teams of 120+ engineers. Hiren has also introduced innovative Change Management & Agile Audit processes during this period of transformation. He is very fair and transparent in his dealings with people. Hiren’s excellent interpersonal skills (especially his counseling skills) and approachability has made him the “Go To” person for the team members to seek practical and valuable advice on work related matters and sometimes even on personal issues. I highly recommend Hiren as a coach/consultant for any level in the organization – from senior manager to a person beginning his career.

Gopinath Ramakrishnan, PH.D

Certified Scrum Master

I’ve worked with Hiren for close to 4 years and it’s been a pleasure. Hiren is a very strong scrum master/project manager. He uses a methodical approach in driving project teams as they strive to achieve the end results. He’s very energetic and passionate about the projects he’s accountable for and uses his strong people skills to help influence the project teams. He’s quick to learn industry practices and has devoted quite a lot of his time providing feedback to the scrum community by way of blogs and conversations with some agile development gurus.

At EMC, Hiren successfully led the first scrum as a team of close to 200 engineers transitioned from a waterfall software development lifecycle to a scrum based development approach. He not only quickly understood the principles of agile, but used all his energy to ensure that the team understood the importance of adhering to some key fundamentals. He was a good coach for the team and used his sound background in software development and quality engineering very effectively in his role as a scrum master.

Hiren’s biggest asset is his “never give up” attitude. He knows how to get things done! He’s a great asset for any team.

Kunal Ruvala

Senior Director, RSA

Hiren is an extremely strong program/project manager. He understands how to drive and manage software development projects from beginning to end. He actively encourages honest and open discussion creating a climate of trust to get the facts out and the issues on the table. He works selflessly to achieve team success. His technical abilities are strong and they help him whether using the tools of the trade to track/manage projects or to converse confidently with developers. His newest strengths lie in his expertise related to agile development at the enterprise level. As the team transitioned over 200 developers from waterfall to agile, Hiren has jumped in to learn the new techniques, work with the teams to apply them and modify the approach based on what works, and converse with the broader agile community on his learnings and to apply the learnings of others. I think very highly of Hiren’s work ethic, integrity, and focus on results.

Scott Shaffer

Senior Director of Engineering, EMC

Hiren has a thorough understanding of Agile principles and practices and has proved a passionate trainer and coach. He is dedicated and professional, leading to strong long lasting engagements with customers who see the benefits he brings to their team and leadership.

Colin Bird

Director, Ripplerock

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Hiren. I had the pleasure of working with Hiren for over six months, in the Agile transformation journey of germin8. I was particularly impressed by Hiren’s ability to handle even the toughest situations- and effortlessly. He has flair to deal with people and situations. He brought the collaboration among different cross-functional teams. As an Agile Coach and Trainer, Hiren earns my highest recommendation.

Saurabh Mahadik

Senior Product Manager, Germin8 Solutions

I have worked with Hiren for almost an year to learn basics of Agile and Scrum. Hiren is a very knowledgeable coach who knew how to drive meetings to conclusions and action items. His command over concepts of Agile is tremendous and one gets to learn a lot from him. He is also a fun loving guy which made the overall training a nice experience.

Goureya Thankar

Scrum Master, Germin8 Solutions

A BIG THANK YOU for delivering a passionate talk in AgilePro. Participants have learnt a lot from your talk. It focused on the fundamentals of agile delivery. As you could see that Danube was full with around 600 associates and 800 associates joined virtually from other locations. Your passion for agile was reflected in your delivery. We are extremely pleased that you could make to the conference and deliver your talk. You have strong command on the subject and it was reflected in your talk. You provided examples for anything you spoke about during your presentation which made your talk more interesting to the participants.I received very positive feedback about your talk from the participants. Look forward for continued and more interactions with you in future.

Hirdesh Singhal

Agile Certified Practitioner, Mahindra Satyam

Hiren came on to do a two day Agile training workshop for our team and was simply fantastic. Right from the time I hired him, he took time to connect with me and understand my team dynamic and what we wanted as a result of the training. The training totally blew me away. Hiren was very impressive from the get-go and kept the team constantly engaged with activities and personal anecdotes to keep the entire session very very interactive. This is what I liked best about Hiren, that he quickly gauged the feel of the room and adapted the material to suit them!

Hiren is very knowledgeable with Agile methodologies and was always able to reconcile questions with real world experiences that he has had. I’ve been part of other Agile training sessions in the US and I can confidently say that the level of Hiren’s training sessions are on par with the best I’ve attended. The best vote of confidence was from the team that ended the two day session completely charged and positive! Very highly recommended!

Akash Saxena

Director of Engineering, OpenTable

I hired Hiren as a coach to train my software development team on Agile/SCRUM twice and he thrilled me on both the occassions.  Hiren is a dynamic, high energy professional, very confident and is a hands-on trainer & coach. From Hiren’s training style, one can easily make out that he has personally seen through transformation of his own teams from traditional models to the Agile fold. His style of narration and coaching is very magnetic and he keeps the team interested and totally involved during the entire stretch of the course. He is an inspiring example in entrepreneurship – will be a great role model for folks trying out agile principles. If I were looking for an agile coach again, I will definitely hire Hire(n) .

Harihara Kuppuswamy

Engineering Manager, Bentley Systems

In August 2010, we sought Hiren’s help in providing us a formal training on Agile. He has lived Agile and with that experience he gave us well-thought and practical recommendations to our agile questions. Hiren would be the one if you want someone with no-fluff and real life Agile experience,

Lakshmanan Lakshmanan

User Experience Manager, Autodesk

Very recently I was to one of the lectures by Hiren on agile methodology. Let me say you all that if you need to understand how product development goes on over agile/scrum you’ve got to hear it from the expert – Hiren. He is the best in his field and would love to go over again and again to his sessions. I wish him all the very best and would highly recommend him for any organization/team who will be needing an agile/scrum expertise.

Kailashnath K

Developer, Projectplace International AB

Hiren conducted a Scrum coaching for our cross functional development teams last week. He has an intense passion for Scrum supported by a lot of valuable,hands on Scrum experience which was evident to all who attended the session. The sessions were always interactive and had a good mix of theory and workshops which made the learning process enjoyable. Hiren was excellent at tackling all the queries and could provide relevant examples when needed. I definitely recommend Hiren for other similar sessions in any organization.

Abhishek Deshmukh

Senior Development Manager, Autodesk

Hiren has been my course instructor for corporate Agile/Scrum training. Throughout the training sessions, his lessons had always been well thought out and he is highly professional when it comes to delivering the course contents. He was always willing to adjust any parts of his lessons that could be improved while making sure everyone in the class understands the proper concepts of the training. It has a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend him for any future training programs.

Alan Ho

User Experience Designer, Autodesk

I had the pleasure of working with Hiren for a couple years at EMC. Hiren has a great deal of understanding and experience with agile development and shows his passion for it through his day-to-day project management work. Hiren works very well with his peers and co-workers and is very good at collaborating to successfully achieve team objectives. I found that Hiren was a very insightful sounding board and resource when discussing how to refine and improve our agile and scrum best practices. Hiren is a seasoned and experienced project manager/scrum master and can be relied on to drive forward project teams to achieve their maximum potential. I recommend him strongly.

Ethan Roberts

Senior Director - Software Engineering, EMC

Hiren is a pleasure to work with. As a project manager for various projects my team’s have been associated with, he has led the way in migrating to and facilitating our use of Agile methodologies (SCRUM in particular). Hiren is also very reliable and detail oriented. Our project managers are often put in a position where they need to manage a technology effort when they don’t have knowledge of the underlying technology. When Hiren does not understand something, he will ask and take the time to understand the response. The bottom line is that Hiren not only gets the job done, but he gets it done the right way.

Seth Silverman

Senior Manager - Software Engineering, EMC

Hiren is an excellent program / project manager. He is dynamic, focused, committed and enthusiastic. He is always prepared to go that extra mile to help the team be successful. Hiren is great to share ideas with and will often offer an alternative or better way to do something. He’s a great team player, an excellent communicator and negotiator and is very well liked and respected by those that work with him. It’s been a pleasure working with him for the past 4 years.

Kevin O Regan

Principle Project / Program Manager, EMC

Focusing on details, identifying and resolving issues, while keeping the project moving in a timely fashion, accurately reflects Hiren’s strengths as a project manager. He does this with a cheerful, upbeat attitude that makes him approachable and accessible for collaboration. Hiren, a valuable resource for his work on his assigned SRM software projects, also offers a helping hand on ad hoc tasks facing the organization. He displays these strengths in both waterfall and agile software development projects, and remains an open, dedicated learner to diverse ideas and solutions. His assigned projects support complex software solutions and he has experience from many perspectives, including both development and support scenarios with multiple geographies and participants. A reliable resource that accurately communicates expectations and delivers on his commitments, Hiren brings value to any organization.

Candi Imming

Manager - Software Engineering, EMC

Hiren is an extremely approachable, highly focused and result oriented person. His problem solving skills and the depth in which he goes to analyze, root cause the problem is highly commendable. He is an energetic individual with an unassuming attitude that makes him very approachable. Hiren will be an asset to any organization. It’s been a great pleasure working with him.

Sunitha Chamarthy

Project Manager, EMC

Hiren is an insightful, driven individual with a pleasant personality and an instinct for managing difficult problems. Over the years we worked together I watched as Hiren stood up for the right answer many times, helping drive his teams in directions, which aligned well with the needs of everyone, involved. His pursuit of Agile methodologies brought some much-needed life to the organization, and he translated that passion into a well-written blog and made himself into an asset not just to the teams he has worked with but all those around him as well.

David Spencer

Software Development Manager / Technical Lead, EMC

Hiren is one of the very few I see in the industry who has extreme sense of passion towards any project that he work on. Hiren is highly motivated individual and contagious enough to create a strong motivation across the team. Hiren is always driven by strong principles of Program Management and brings strong fundamentals to the team he works on. Hiren was the program manager for the project I lead. I saw a great progress in stability of the project/program under his guidance. I give HIGH Three P’s (PPP) to Hiren (Patience, Perseverance and Persistence towards Quality of the project). Once Hiren is on the project as a program manager, rest assured that the progam is on the high spirits.

Rajesh Nandyalam

Software Development Manager, EMC

I have worked with Hiren for several years as a Project/Program Manager. I have always admired his diligence, attention to detail and an urge to constantly do better in whatever he was doing. He has great organization skills, is very methodical and tech savvy. He was always looking to learn more and get on the cutting edge of technology. He is extremely hardworking – early adopter and proponent of Agile methodology, a green belt in six sigma and a certified EMC Storage Technologist. He was continuously looking to improve his skills and practices. Along with these traits, he worked well with everyone – very friendly and approachable. He will be a great asset to any organization.

Abhilasha Bhatia

Senior Program Manager, EMC

I was Hiren’s manager for most of his last year at EMC. He is a very skilled program manager and very good at managing highly complex programs that cross multiple teams and geographies He handles all aspects of large programs well, from driving to meet high level goals to following up on many small items and everything in between. His personal style is extremely positive, with strong communication skills, and he is very good at helping teams work through the challenges and difficulties that inevitable happen on large software development teams. He is both highly respected and well liked by everyone who has worked with him (including me). He also has a great deal of experience and insight on agile processes and how to best adapt them in an enterprise environment (see other recommendations already posted here from his managers/peers). I would welcome the chance to work with him again in the future.

Chris Mudgett

Manager of Software Program Management, EMC

It was the best among 3 agile trainings I attended so far. Trainer had good practical knowledge of scrum practices across industry and very good in engaging audience all two days of training. Best among all was the sprint planning exercise, where real user story was taken and broken to solvable engineering tasks.

Amit Gupta


Hiren is an exceptional program and project manager. He has demonstrated extremely strong organizational skills while successfully managing a complex and dynamic program and project including multiple geographically dispersed teams with a lot of internal and external dependencies. He worked hard not just keeping the project in order, program on track and communicating status openly and in a timely manner, but more importantly he did that with a passion for the overall success of the team delivering the end product. It has always been a pleasure working with Hiren as peers in a leadership team, and even if we had some disagreements at times, he was always able to negotiate constructively based on the facts and practical data points with respect to everybody he is engaged with and their points of view. Hiren is constantly showing initiative looking for new and better ways managing the project. He became a guru in the Agile development methodology and lead adoption of the technology in the organization. I strongly recommend Hiren as a seasoned and experienced product and project manager, and a leader in software development methodologies.

Alexander Dubrovsky

Senior Manager - Software Engineering, EMC

I have worked with Hiren while he was a program manager for a project in which I was a part of. This is a very complex software project constituting of multiple dependent components coming from various groups working in different geographical locations. When Hiren joined the group there were too many issues and constant moving parts with lack of coordination and direction, which resulted in poor execution, and ultimately not enabling us to generate desired results. Hiren did an excellent job of streamlining the entire program and he put in place processes that helped better track, manage and stabilize the project. Due to his efforts our project was able to continually meet deadlines for our customers, which had always been a challenge in the past. He worked very hard with people in different groups everyday to coordinate activities and keep the project moving forward to meet these deadlines. I worked very closely with Hiren, almost daily, to solve problems and to meet our goals. I hold a lot of respect for his work style and ethics. I have seldom come across an individual as dedicated as Hiren is to help achieve our project goals and objectives with so much determination and vigor. I strongly recommend him to anyone who’s looking for such hardworking individuals. I would love and hope to have the opportunity to work with Hiren in future and wish him the very best in his life and career.

Prithwis Sett

Manager -Software Engineering, EMC

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