Scott Shaffer

Hiren is an extremely strong program/project manager. He understands how to drive and manage software development projects from beginning to end. He actively encourages honest and open discussion creating a climate of trust to get the facts out and the issues on the table. He works selflessly to achieve team success. His technical abilities are strong and they help him whether using the tools of the trade to track/manage projects or to converse confidently with developers. His newest strengths lie in his expertise related to agile development at the enterprise level. As the team transitioned over 200 developers from waterfall to agile, Hiren has jumped in to learn the new techniques, work with the teams to apply them and modify the approach based on what works, and converse with the broader agile community on his learnings and to apply the learnings of others. I think very highly of Hiren’s work ethic, integrity, and focus on results.

Scott Shaffer Senior Director of Engineering, EMC 19 May 2017