Kunal Ruvala

I’ve worked with Hiren for close to 4 years and it’s been a pleasure. Hiren is a very strong scrum master/project manager. He uses a methodical approach in driving project teams as they strive to achieve the end results. He’s very energetic and passionate about the projects he’s accountable for and uses his strong people skills to help influence the project teams. He’s quick to learn industry practices and has devoted quite a lot of his time providing feedback to the scrum community by way of blogs and conversations with some agile development gurus. At EMC, Hiren successfully led the first scrum as a team of close to 200 engineers transitioned from a waterfall software development lifecycle to a scrum based development approach. He not only quickly understood the principles of agile, but used all his energy to ensure that the team understood the importance of adhering to some key fundamentals. He was a good coach for the team and used his sound background in software development and quality engineering very effectively in his role as a scrum master. Hiren’s biggest asset is his “never give up” attitude. He knows how to get things done! He’s a great asset for any team.

Kunal Ruvala Senior Director, RSA 19 May 2017