Berglund Henrik

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The Scrum framework is defined and described in the “Scrum Guide” that can be freely downloaded from the web. The definition is only about 15 pages and quite terse. Trying to learn the framework by only using the Scrum Guide has proven hard, or impossible. Without further asistance the reader of the Scrum Guide will get tripped up in interpreting the practices in a traditional mindset instead of in the mindset of Scrum/agile. Thus, failing to get the indended benefits when applying them,
In this small book, Hiren Doshi sets out to make the Scrum framework more easy to learn, He calls his book “The Scrum Guide Companion” and that is what it is. For each section of the Scrum Guide you can get clarifications and advice for application from small book.
This is a short book, which I appreciate. But is also means that it is mostly not a novel. Except from some examples, a lot of the book is bullets with facts or observations for you to ponder. Its contents is strikingly accurate, bringing together information from many sources such as courses, books, discussions and assessments. I know of no other source that does this.
I read the book in just a few hours. If you are studing the Scrum framework, this may be worth a few hours of your time too!

Berglund Henrik 19 May 2017