Akash Saxena

Hiren came on to do a two day Agile training workshop for our team and was simply fantastic. Right from the time I hired him, he took time to connect with me and understand my team dynamic and what we wanted as a result of the training. The training totally blew me away. Hiren was very impressive from the get-go and kept the team constantly engaged with activities and personal anecdotes to keep the entire session very very interactive. This is what I liked best about Hiren, that he quickly gauged the feel of the room and adapted the material to suit them! Hiren is very knowledgeable with Agile methodologies and was always able to reconcile questions with real world experiences that he has had. I’ve been part of other Agile training sessions in the US and I can confidently say that the level of Hiren’s training sessions are on par with the best I’ve attended.

Akash Saxena Director of Engineering, OpenTable 19 May 2017